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Thanks For Your Time

Peter Boxleiter's personal computer chirped to tell him that it was two o'clock in the afternoon and he was scheduled to interview a job applicant. Boxleiter always took time out from his busy schedule as CEO of Chemistar to meet any prospective employees. Even after being screened by Human Resources and by several layers of middle management, nobody got hired at Chemistar Industries without meeting "The Skipper", as Boxleiter liked to be called.

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George J. Condon - fiction

Up River

With a bump and a squeal of tires, the Hercules troop transport plane landed in Seattle at a little past midnight. After I retrieved my luggage from the conveyor, it didn't take me long to get through US Immigration. Airport security didn't really exist in October of 1966.

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George J. Condon - fiction

Milk of Human Kindness

Jeff Turner groaned as he read the latest list of food inventory figures. Disgusted, he tossed the tally sheets onto his desk and ran long fingers through his dark curly hair. Damn it all! Stocks at The Good Shepherd Food Bank had dwindled steadily over the past six months . . .

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George J. Condon - fiction

Deep Cover

Detective Ray Burke's shoe heels clicked on the black terrazzo floor of the station house as he walked the green corridor to the interrogation room. Despite the discomfort of his chronic heartburn, Ray was in a good mood. He had the Bonini Family's district capo Frank Sorvino in custody. This time, it looked as though he could really nail the creep.

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George J. Condon - fiction

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